5 cruises to do once in a lifetime

Traveling without having to worry about anything, in a comfortable and relaxed way, is one of the great advantages of cruising. We must also take into account this option for its economic cost, if we count the places we will visit, food, travel, activities, waking up every day with views of the sea and enjoy incredible sunsets, we will see that they are not as expensive as it may seem initially.

We have hundreds of options, from the typical Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise to more exotic cruises such as Alaska, Japan, Madagascar or other places in the world. For us, this trip option has come in strong this year, so we are already planning to do one and after going over several, we have made a list of the 5 cruises to do once in a lifetime:

1. Mediterranean cruise

The cruise around the Mediterranean, the best option par excellence, is the one that is closest to home and about which many of our friends have given us more information. This type of cruise usually lasts between one week and 10 days. We are particularly struck by two: the cruise that starts in Barcelona and after stopping in the Balearic Islands, has stops in countries such as France, stopping in Marseille or Cannes, Malta or Italy, going into cities such as Rome, Naples, Palermo… and, of course, the option of a cruise to the Greek Islands. This last cruise can start in Venice, taking advantage of the opportunity to stop in some places in Croatia such as Dubrovnik or leave from Athens to spend more time on the islands and less time sailing. Some of the Greek islands that we have listed and on which these cruise ships stop are: Mykonos, Santorini or Rhodes, three of which we believe are must-see.

Greek Islands Cruise

2. Caribbean Cruise

By the time you hear the word the Caribbean, exotic images of beaches with crystal clear waters or hammocks surrounded by mojito or piña colada come to mind. Being able to enjoy places like The Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Honduras, Belize or Panama, among others, places it among the best cruises to do once in a lifetime. Of the many itineraries that you can do, there are two that we have marked in favorites: the one that leaves from Miami and you can go to Jamaica, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico or Cuba, depending on the time you have or the one that leaves Havana and goes through some of the best areas of the Caribbean, passing through Belize, Honduras and the Costa Maya of Mexico.

Caribbean Cruise

3. Cruise through Northern Europe, one of the once in a lifetime cruises

One of the trips that have always caught our attention is a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords. If you have about 10 days you can take a cruise from Southampton, near London, and along the Norwegian coast to places like Stavanger, NordFjord, Innvikfjorden, Olden, Flaam, Aurlandsfjorden, Sognefjord, and Bergen. What stands out most about this cruise is the fjord landscapes, narrow sea entrances formed by the flooding of a valley and which in the western part of Norway are spectacular. Another one that we find more interesting is the Baltic Capitals Cruise. Leaving and arriving in Copenhagen we can visit some of the most beautiful cities in Europe such as Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Stockholm or Copenhagen itself.

Cruise through Northern Europe, one of the once in a lifetime cruises

4. River cruise

A river cruise, unlike a sea cruise, allows you to contemplate the diversity of the landscape for a longer period of time, the navigation is not so long and it is quieter than in the open sea. You can also get better attention from the staff as the boat is smaller, there are fewer people, plus more time at stops. On our trip to Austria, where we did the Danube Valley area, we saw some of these cruises and it is one of the places we would come back to without thinking to see it from this other perspective. These Danube cruises leave Vienna and allow you to enjoy places like Melk, Dürnstein, Bratislava, Kalocsa, Budapest, Esztergom before returning to Vienna. The Rhine is another of the great navigable rivers that we can travel by cruise ship and visit cities such as Amsterdam, Cologne, Koblenz, Heidelberg, Strasbourg or Basel.

Rhine Cruise

5. Cruises around the world

If you have more days, between 15 and 20, and are a cruise ship lover, you can think of a more original or exotic one. A cruise to India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Maldives, Australia, Alaska, New Zealand or Japan is sure to surprise you. One of the most popular is the Alaska cruise from Vancouver, where you take a scenic circular cruise.

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